May 2016

Six tips to protect renters

Falling for a rental scam, ignoring opportunities to strengthen your credit and other mistakes can have lasting effects if you rent your home. Here are six tips to empower renters. Read our Six Tips to Empower Renters

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Coaching is key to financial security

Nearly 30 percent of adults do not have an emergency fund to help weather a financial shock, according to a NeighborWorks America survey. The third annual consumer finance survey also showed that 25 percent of adults have only enough money saved…

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Foreclosure counseling saves homes and money

In recent months, most statistics about home foreclosure point to things returning to normal. But normal means as many as 300,000 homeowners will still face foreclosure in 2016. However, financially-troubled homeowners don’t have to face the problem alone. Foreclosure prevention counselors…

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Client Spotlight:
Catalina Beltran

Catalina Beltran, a local Oklahoma City resident, recently expressed her thankfulness for the help she received from NHSOKLA. “When you are buying your first home, you aren’t sure what to do. The staff at NHSOKLA was very patient with me…

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