At Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma, we work and partner with organizations committed to providing affordable housing and creating a positive impact on our community. We’re proud to be the trusted resource for homeownership education, counseling and access to affordable housing in Oklahoma. We believe that our work strengthens lives and improves our community.

What people are saying about us…

“When you are buying your first home, you aren’t sure what to do. The staff at Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma was very patient with me and explained everything to me in Spanish. I took the Homebuyer Education class and learned so much. I also received down payment assistance. Without it, I wouldn’t haven’t been able to purchase a home for many years. It is great relief to me to have a home. We are ready to start our family and are expecting our first baby! This organization is a huge help to those who need it!”

– C. Beltran, Oklahoma City resident

“I made decisions that caused me to almost lose my home. I was embarrassed and disappointed that my finances were such a mess. But, the staff at Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma was very encouraging and supportive. They work really hard to help their clients find resolution. They sure found one for me!”

– E. Farrar, Oklahoma City resident