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Foreclosure Prevention

Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma Announces New Board Member

Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma (NHSOKLA) announces the appointment of Le Tran of Oklahoma City to the Board of Directors. Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma is a community development housing agency that is the trusted resource for homeownership education, housing counseling, foreclosure…

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Foreclosure counseling saves homes and money

In recent months, most statistics about home foreclosure point to things returning to normal. But normal means as many as 300,000 homeowners will still face foreclosure in 2016. However, financially-troubled homeowners don’t have to face the problem alone. Foreclosure prevention counselors…

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Client Spotlight:
E. Diane Farrar

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming, and when it does it helps to have a team of experts in your corner. E. Diane Farrar found the help she needed at Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma. “I made decisions that caused me to…

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