Housing Counseling

Housing Counseling

Repairing Your Credit to Buy a Home

What about your credit history? Can you qualify for a loan with your current credit history? Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma provides credit counseling services to help repair your credit and determine if you’re ready to buy a home. Some people pay huge fees for this service. For only the cost of a credit report (around $25-$30) our counselors will work with you to create a path to buying a home.

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Once you complete a homebuyer education class at Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma, you will have the opportunity to meet with one of our housing counselors. The counselor will help you address any credit repair concerns or financial issues that may be hindering your ability to purchase a home.

How Much Home Can You Afford? Formulating a Budget.

Where are you spending your money? How much do you have to pay for a house monthly?

Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma helps answers these questions by looking at your income and expenses and helping you formulate a budget.

We believe that creating and adhering to a budget can make homeownership a reality.

Creating Action Plans

After we’ve reviewed your budget and credit report together, you can decide if buying a home is the right decision at this point in your life. If so, together we create an action plan.

An action plan is a step-by-step program of what to do next in the home buying process, and is tailored to your specific goals. Your action plan helps you achieve your homeownership goals.

You will have a higher success rate of achieving your goals when you have a tangible action plan in place.

Helpful Videos

Know Your Homeownership Numbers

Are you ready to buy a home? Check out the numbers that make the most difference.

Housing counselors make a difference