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Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma has been providing affordable housing to Oklahoma residents for over 35 years.

We pride ourselves in using high standards in terms of quality and energy efficient products in our homes and rental properties. This means we offer housing that is built to last and ensures the minimum amount of maintenance to keep costs down.

Choosing Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma: Homes Built to Last

We build, renovate or rehab our housing properties with as much energy efficiency materials as possible to help people save money on utilities and maintenance long term. Some examples of best practices we use when it comes to energy efficiency are:

  • Exterior Siding: We use a special formula fiber-concrete siding called “Hardie” siding. Fiber-cement siding is built to withstand Oklahoma’s extreme weather and adds another layer of insulation to the home.
  • Spray Foam Wall Insulation: This is a type of spray foam insulation is used to fill in spaces and cavities in the exterior walls of the home. It also proves to be more energy efficient and saves homeowners money on their utilities.
  • Energy Efficient Windows: All windows are vinyl double insulated glass pane windows.

Homes For Sale

Houses For Rent

Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma offers affordable housing — both multi-family and single family home rental options– throughout Oklahoma.

Whether you’re in need of immediate housing, or want to be on a path to owning your own home, we can help you find a rental that fits your needs. Please call Pam for more information and availability: 918-418-0401