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Ms. Perez named to Board of Directors

Please help us welcome Carolyn Perez, of Oklahoma City, as our newest member of the NHSOKLA Board of Directors!

“Carolyn brings personal experience and a tangible enthusiasm for serving others and creating a strong sense of community to the board,” said Roland Chupik, NHSOKLA Executive Director.  “Those qualities are the springboard for creating transformation in the lives of Oklahomans.”

Carolyn Perez, now retired, spent her career serving others as an substance abuse counselor for the State of Oklahoma and maintains her passion to help others.  As a board member, she wants to support and empower those who want to take that first step in purchasing in a home.

Carolyn hopes to bring a positive awareness of homeownership by sharing her home buying experience.  Carolyn started her journey to becoming a homeowner by enrolling in a homebuyer education workshop at Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma and is now a homeowner.  “Affordable housing should be available to everyone.  I want to empower others to own property and have an investment that will help them strive and flourish in this community,” she said.