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Board Spotlight: Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma Announces New Board Chair

Oklahoma City- Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma (NHSOKLA) announces the appointment of Tim Cox of Oklahoma City as the Chair of the Board of Directors.

Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma is a community development housing agency and is the trusted resource for homeownership education, housing counseling, foreclosure prevention, and access to affordable housing in Oklahoma. NHSOKLA also partners with organizations committed to providing affordable housing to create a positive impact in the local community.

Mr. Cox, who serves as a mortgage loan officer with Movement Mortgage, brings a broad knowledge base of industries directly related to affordable housing, including mortgage banking, real estate and insurance to this leadership role.  He is a certified leadership and life coach and has also served on numerous nonprofit boards.

“I am grateful that Tim accepted the position of Board Chair of NHSOKLA.  Tim has served faithfully on the board for years and is the right person at the right time for our expanding role in the communities we serve,” said Roland Chupik, Executive Director.


During an interview, Tim shared his thoughts about affordable housing in Oklahoma and his goals for the board’s work.

Q: Why is affordable housing important to you and for our community…and why is NHSOKLA’s work so important? What drew you to NHSOKLA?

A: I am in the mortgage industry, and I’ve seen how lending can change people’s lives.  But I saw a gap in the financial institutions—there’s a need for more financial education. (NHSOKLA offers free homebuyer education and housing counseling.)  Without affordable housing, things can be unstable.  For example, employers like it when employees are homeowners and have roots in the community.  Everyone prospers when there is affordable housing.  Affordable housing is the anchor, and everything else can pivot off it.  There’s so much of our lives that centers around our home and community.

What are some of the goals you have for NHSOKLA and the Board?

A: Expanding our influence.  That’s the main focus.  We diversified over the past few years, and we are looking at partnering with more local municipalities. We want to bring prosperity and economic stability to areas that we’ve not reached before.


Q: What is one of your strengths that you bring to this role?

A: I’ve worked with different nonprofits and in for-profit organizations, and it gives me a diverse background.  Because I’ve been in the mortgage business for years, I’ve seen the trends.  Nonprofits still have to be aware of the same things for-profits do.


Q: What is your favorite thing about Oklahoma City (or your favorite activity)?

A: My wife and I have a tradition:  On Sundays after church, we find a different place to eat brunch, and then we post it on Facebook and our friends comment.  Oklahoma City is diverse and fun place to live.  People just need to get out and explore!