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Program Spotlight: NHS Oklahoma Receives Grant for Foreclosure Prevention

Sarkeys Foundation selected Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma (NHSOKLA ) as a recipient of a $10,000 grant for its foreclosure prevention program.

For homeowners who are struggling or unable to meet their mortgage obligation, NHSOKLA offers free counseling and serves as their advocate.

“We are an advocate for our clients and the process is strictly confidential so they don’t have to face it alone,” said Linda Rowe, NHSOKLA Homeownership Center Director. “The objective of the counseling services for our clients is to determine the most appropriate solution, given a client’s circumstances and to aid them in reaching a solution.”

Few things in life are more traumatic than the idea of being financially overwhelmed and potentially homeless.
“Our housing counselors help clients create customized action plans, provide accountability, and serve as their advocate as they negotiate the process, including communicating with their lender,” Rowe said. “If a family isn’t able to stay in their home, our agency provides safe, affordable housing options.”

“Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma is very grateful to Sarkeys Foundation for this foreclosure prevention program grant, which makes a positive difference in the lives of Oklahomans who are facing difficult circumstances,” said Roland Chupik, executive director.
Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma (NHSOKLA) is a nonprofit community development organization that specializes in financial counseling and affordable homeownership. Founded in 1981, our HUD-approved housing counselors are impartial, trained professionals who help clients make responsible decisions.