Housing Counseling


Ready to buy a home?

Are you ready to take a step toward your dream of homeownership?  We can help you!  Pre-purchase housing counseling will determine how much you can afford by looking at your current income, expenses, debt and credit score. We will put all the important pieces together in a plan for you.  If you have obstacles to overcome, your personalized plan will include solutions to help you reach your goals.

Housing Counseling

The Role of Credit is Important When You Buy a Home

What about your credit history? Can you qualify for a loan with your current credit history? Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma provides pre-purchase housing counseling services to help repair your credit and determine if you’re ready to buy a home. Some people pay huge fees for this service. Our housing counselors will work with you to create a path to buying a home. The cost of this service is $50 which includes the cost of your credit report

How Much Can I Afford?

As you work with our housing counselors, you will discover the costs to consider when buying a home and how much you can really afford.

Costs to Consider When Buying a Home
  • Purchase Price
  • Down Payment and Closing Costs
  • Taxes and Insurance
  • Home Repair and Maintenance
  • Home Energy Efficiency
Pre-Purchase Counseling Instructions

Let’s Get Started!

Want to Apply for Down Payment Assistance?

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Prefer Mail? You may contact our office at (405) 231-HOME to get started, and we will mail you a packet of forms to complete and return. Once the completed forms are processed, we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

(Note: Due to staffing limitations, creating your online account is the fastest way to start the process.)

Download and complete your Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling Documents