Home Saved from Foreclosure; Couple Overjoyed with Outcome

This Oklahoma couple was referred to Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma because they had fallen behind on their mortgage payments since he was unable to work due to a medical issue. His disability represented a tremendous loss of income for their family. She was working part-time at Wal-Mart and receiving social security. He had applied for Social Security disability benefits but was waiting on a response. They had been struggling for 6 months to obtain a loan modification and had encountered many issues in communicating with their lender. It can be a difficult process. The request for the modification was consistently being denied, but they didn’t know why.

Within just 2 months of working with the NHSOKLA HUD-certified staff, they received a loan modification to lower their payment and extend the length of their mortgage. The lower payment includes an escrow for their taxes and home insurance, which relieves the burden of saving for these large, annual lump-sum payments. Most importantly, they did not go through the trauma and stress of losing their home.