Homebuyer Education

It’s no secret that the home buying process can be overwhelming.  Even figuring out that first step of how to start can be hard. That’s why Neighborhood Housing Services Oklahoma offers homebuyer education workshops where we teach every step of the home buying process in a way that makes sense.

Virtual Homebuyer Education Workshops!

We are now offering our homebuyer education workshops virtually via a ZOOM conference call.  Each workshop is composed of 2 live, virtual sessions, and the schedule is posted below.

On the event calendar, select which workshop you want to participate in and register online. You will be sent the link to access the workshop the Monday before the scheduled workshop. The workshop is free! Sign up today!

What Will I Learn in the Homebuyer Education Workshop?

We bring in local professionals from every aspect of the home buying process to paint a clear picture of what to expect during the home buying process. Whether that’s a mortgage officer, realtor or home inspector you’ll have a chance to learn from the experiences of those who deal in these areas of expertise. You will learn tips you can use and become a savvy homebuyer.


In every homebuyer education workshop you’ll learn about:

  • Credit Repair and Budgeting
  • The Process of Applying for a Home Loan
  • Shopping for a Home
  • The Importance of Home Inspections
  • What To Expect During the Loan Closing Process

This is a great opportunity to learn about the home buying process, even if you’ve already purchased a home in the past. We encourage you to ask questions as we help ensure you’re fully prepared for your journey to buying a home.

Helpful Videos

Know Your Numbers.

So you are thinking of buying a home? That’s wonderful! Check out this video!